24 January 2016

Emerald Minimalism

This morning I woke up so tired, so exhausted. While poking breakfast around the plate, I figured it would be such a waste of life to stay in pajamas :) It was around noon, so I opened the closet and there she was- my emerald princess sweater. Reaching out to me with those fluffy sleeves... and no, I was not on drugs. My clothes does speak to me. Sometimes. It's originally part of Christmas collection, but who cares! I could wear it every day! :) If I was living in Alaska. Pairing this beauty to look even more... not festive, but not-so-usual fun made me dig up some of those green eyeliners I bought in case, well... you know us girls. We buy stuff in bunch, because none of them shades are ever the same. And we don't care if you think emerald and olive green are the same- they are not! :D This is how I usually explain things to my manly man :P So, after few brush swipes, pencil filling and dressing up- we could consider this half of the outfit post, right? :) Riiiiiight! 
I was so happy my camera captured this lovely highlight, even though the light was such a crap. I'm usually Mary-Lou addicted, but this time I chose highlighter from Essence Merry Berry collection and, you guys- it's such a gem! Please, tell me you can actually see it.
I was shopping some makeup goodies yesterday and lovely lady on cash register gave me (as part of some promotion) Catrice blush in shade Toffee Fairy. Oh my! This shade is everything! It's warm enough to soften the cheeks so nicely, neutral enough to suite every skin tone. At least that's my opinion. It's so lovely, hopefully you can notice toffee detail on my cheeks. I really love it. If you are living in Croatia, hurry to first Kozmo drugstore because buying anything from Catrice will compliment you with free Toffee Fairy (maybe some other shades are in the game, too... I wouldn't know, but this one rocks!). Isn't that great! I love presents, especially if they are makeup :) 
Products used:
Catrice 12h Matte Mousse Make up (010)
Essence Merry Berry highlighter (01 I love my golden pumps)
Catrice Defining Blush (010 Toffee Fairy)
NYX HD concealer (Lavender) + Maybelline Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye concealer (light)
Bourjois Healthy Balance powder
Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping gel mascara (20)
Catrice Brow Stylist (020 Date with Ash-Ton)
Sleek Oh So Special palette
Catrice eyeshadow quad (F'rozen Yoghurt)
Makeup Revolution Flawless palette 
Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara
Misslyn waterproof Color Liner (178 Rumble)
Essence Hello Autumn eyeliner pen (02 Charlie seen in green)
Lovely emerald, Christmas, super fluffy sweater:
H&M (Christmas collection, the one with Katy Perry)
Feel free to write down in comments, how do you like my emerald look? :) Do you enjoy green color and what's your favorite way to rock it? 

Love you, till next time!



  1. Zelena je super:)
    Moram se naviknuti na hladne boje na usnama, ali si odlično iskombinirala pulover i frizuru (rep) i make up!

    1. Meni jedna od dražih boja :)
      Ali ne u svim nijansama, samo u posebnim ;)
      Hvala Zubo :)

  2. Rekao bi ti moj dida: 'Kad si lijep, sve ti lijepo stoji!' :D
    Zelena inače nije moj cup of tea, ali mi ti izgledaš fantastično i oduševila sam se. A džemperić definitivno može proći i mimo Božića, barem dok je još ful hladno vani :)

    1. Hehe :D Hvala Mateić <3
      Ja je obožavam, ali malo garderobe imam u zelenoj boji. Inače, mislim da je može nositi svako, samo treba odabrati pravu nijansu. Ja volim tamnije do maslinasto zelene. Od onih kričavih padam u nesvest.

  3. Ženo, kako si ti lijepa!!!
    odlično si izkombinirala makeup i odjeću

  4. I love this Emerald Look! You are such a Beauty and this green Lipstick looks so good on you!:) Stavrno mi se svidjaju slike i cak kosa ti je prelepa! :)

    1. Hvala lepotice draga <3 Kosa je tu sveže ošišana :D pa je pristojna :P


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