12 April 2015

Total Spring Cleansing with Olay Regenerist

They pulsate, vibrate, rotate. They are pink and blue and green. Or any other color from rainbow spectrum. They are best friends of 21st century woman. So, dearest ladies, without further delay, today I want to share thoughts about my best friend if we are talking about general face cleansing on daily basis. 
Few months ago I finally decided to give this little fella a chance. Why ''finally''? I was watching it on drugstore shelves for quite a long time, to be honest. In the meantime I got the chance to try very well known Clarisonic Mia... but 'll be talking about it a bit later. 
So, in the beginning of 2015. I strongly decided to take the best care of facial skin which includes thorough cleansing that will provide perfect canvas for all those serums, cremes, masks and in the end- makeup.
Why Olay Regenerist? 
Olay is very well known skin care brand that offers wide range of products. I have never used anything from their range before, but one thing encouraged me to try it. 
Now, even though it doesn't really consider this product review, we get to the Clarisonic Mia- can you even imagine how thrilled I was when I got it! Finally mine! So I couldn't wait for the end of the day to start using it. The first time was a complete excitement, but also something that developed into a complete disaster! Long story short- in 3 weeks of using it, my skin broke out so badly (and I was aware of the fact it could happen since it's deeper cleansing method than ones I was using until then), my cheeks got so dry and patched. Complete forehead covered with disgusting white pimples. I was miserable. So during that period I searched the Internet looking for the answer or somebody else's similar experience, and when I was about to give up, figured how Wayne Goss had almost the same experience as me. How lucky are we? I was using the soft brush, only in the evening, but my face looked like I was slapped while running marathon. So, after 2 days of tears, figured it's not my cup of tea so I gave it up.
After some time I gathered courage to come back to mechanical cleansing helpers such is facial brush and peeling sponge, but lazy side of my being quickly gave up. Then I saw it, for the umpteenth time,
Olay Regenerist cleansing brush and the decision was made, so I bought it. And so far- that was the best decision ever made for my skin benefits.
How does it work and what do you get?
Olay designed this cleansing brush to help you clean the skin up to 4 times better than cleanser product alone. It's made to gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for age-defying routine, or any routine you apply onto skin.
This 2 speed rotating system is water resistant and absolutely safe to be used in shower.
It contains gentle brush head that is available for refill, and is shaped to suit the contours of the face for better removal of dirt and makeup, especially in the T-zone, chin and around nose.
It is specially designed to be gentle on skin for daily use.
Brush works using two AA batteries that are included in the package (mine were Duracell) which is way better than using the charger, cables and stuff. 
I must confess it was a little bit of a struggle trying to open the battery compartment for the first time, so I had to ask for some manly man help :D
What I really like is the easy way of using it immediately- all you need to do is attach the brush and click the button! As easy as that.
This system also contains Skin Perfecting Cleanser- product that will prime the skin for better absorption of other products used after cleansing. The packaging contains sample, but there is a full size (150ml) sold separately. 
This system allows you to use any other cleansing product according to your skin needs.
How do I use it?
I use this cleansing brush every night, sometimes in the morning too.
After removing the makeup with regular cleansing gel and warm water, I apply small amount of skin perfecting cleanser on brush and turn it on, usually on higher speed, starting from the chin, moving up to the forehead circling with brush. Skin perfecting cleanser contains mild face scrub particles that remind me of salt and that help with pores cleaning so well! No matter how thoroughly I wash up the face using only hands and cleansing gel, there are always remains of makeup!
What I really enjoy is how gentle, yet very effective this rotation system works for my combination skin. 
This device isn't loud at all, you can hear it work like small electromotor. No beeps, timers or anything fancy. I use it roughly from minute to two minutes and haven't noticed the brush irritates the skin at all. There is a bit reddish around the nose and on the chin, but it's gone in short time.
All I feel after using this brush is smooth, silky skin that breathes. 
Products applied after cleansing are absorbed quickly and much better than before. Serums especially, since I apply them first.

Does it make any difference and do I really need this?
It certainly made visible difference to my skin.

What I noticed after 4 months:
- smoother, polished and more plumped skin
- reduced visibility of pores
- rotating head stimulates microcirculation
- doesn't tighten or dries out the skin
- reduced hormonal break outs (pms pimples, oh joy!)
- reduced redness around nose (especially in the winter time)

In terms of- do you really need this device, I'd say yes. Compared to Clarisonic, Olay Regenerist does the job really well and it's budget friendly to buy the device for around 30€ (also, there are occasional discounts) and brush replacements for around 10-12€ for 2 (which are recommended to be replaced once bristles are not gentle anymore; mine has been used for 4 months and still looks and feels like new one). It's great value for money. I also loved it's size, it's smaller than Clarisonic, more ergonomic in the hand, lighter and more functional if I'm taking it on the trip (because I don't need to take a charger, cables, boxes and stuff, only the device). 
It's amazing for someone who is still not sure whether this cleansing system is the right one, but I guarantee you won't regret buying it. 
Have you tried Olay Regenerist and what's your opinion about products like these?
Until next time!



  1. Wow! Great post!
    I love all the products from Olay, but I have not tried this cleansing type, it looks amazing!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  2. Mene ovo bas privlaci, ali suhokozac sam... XD :D

    1. Verujem :) mislim da bi ti bio sasvim ok na low brzini, koja je stvarno nežna.
      Meni je napravio bitnu razliku u izgledu i kvaliteti kože.

  3. Replies
    1. Imaju divnih proizvoda, svakako pogledaj :)


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