2 November 2014

Lookfantastic October #beautybox opening, comments and impressions

Hello everybody and happy Sunday!
This post will be written in English, since the subject is something worldwide interesting and more than expected from all of us beauty lovers and addicts. 
Lookfantastic, the original online British boutique- as they claim and I completely agree: Mecca for hair, beauty and all things gorgeous, surprised us with their beauty box edition in the middle of September this year, announcing something amazing and relatively affordable. The most important- free delivered worldwide. So, as soon as I got this information, beauty box was ordered with the anticipation of October 4th, when all the boxes were sent to their future owners :)
Since I was in moving process from one town to another, which took more than a month, that's the main reason why I'm opening this lovely box in the end of October/ beginning of November :)

My box came in very secured second box, all the items were whole, without any damage. It took 10 days to arrive from... well, I think UK, but there was post stamp from Sweden on my box, so... not sure. But it took 10 days for this box to come to Croatia. Which is fine by me, since it was the first one and I can only imagine interest from people around the world. 
The box itself is pretty awesome, simple white box made of hard cardboard with lovely black cover decorated only with Lookfantastic logo. Loved it. Simple and neat.
Content of the box is protected by a fleece paper and those cute paper cut outs that remind me of spaghetti :) Fancy.

With the products, there was info flyer with description of everything found in the box. 

And, ta-daa! Here's the content of the October Lookfantastic beauty box. I will write few words about the ones I have tried, and ones I am still observing and sniffing :)

Products I have tried:

1. L'oreal serie expert Pro- Keratin Refill Shampoo and Masque

Masque is made to intensively replenish damaged hair for a smooth, reinforced feel. The formula creates a defensive shield providing day to day protection from external aggressors. Shampoo cleanses and replenishes damaged hair, it's enriched with pro-keratin and incell, hair fibre feels strengthened and reinforced.
Last night I used both, shampoo and masque, and my thoughts are- this works. You, who follow me regularly, are familiar with my hair condition: it's dry, curly and tends to feel and look very damaged if I don't nourish it daily. So I gave this duo a chance and my hair looks so good. During the washing process I felt the difference in silkiness and elasticity of the hair. It is way more shiny and looks really healthy. Keep in mind I have used this only once.
Shampoo comes in volume of 100ml (regular price for 250ml is 10,99£), masque in volume of 75ml (regular price for 200ml is 13,99£)

2. FreeShape Quick Blow Dry

What it does? - It reduces friction while conditioning lightly; Speeds up blow dry time by up to 50%; Provides heat protection.
How to use? - Spray on towel-dried hair as a last step before blow drying. Style as usual.
So, after I dried my hair with a towel, just before blow drying, I sprayed this two fazed miracle just to try it. Haven't expected anything big. But this spray definitely helped my mane to get dry in 5 minuted, using the hair dryer! It smells a bit alcoholic in the beginning, but as time goes by that smell disappears. Hair is not thick or stiffened. It's something I have never tried before and will continue using it to see long term results. This sample contains 75ml (regular price for 200ml is 11,45£).

Products I haven't tried yet, still sniffing :)

3. Korres Citrus Showergel: soft moisturising shower gel, ideal for everyday use. Wheat proteins form a protective film on the skin, maintaining its regular hydration level. 
As I wrote, haven't tried it yet, but it smells indulging, like a forest. Fresh and awakening. It will be ideal for sleepy mornings. This bottle contains 50ml of the product (regular price for 250ml is 8£).

4. Gatineau Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Cream: this is a unique day and night cream which works to give you younger looking, radiant skin. It contains a high concentration of elastin and collagen. It has a gel texture which instantly absorbs to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the feel of the complexion. I only swatched this cream on my hand and it feels nice. If you wanna know more about this product, write that in the comment section bellow, since I'm on different ''skin regime'' :) but will hurry the review if you are interested. This tube contains 15ml (regular price for 30/50ml is 59£).

5. Balance Me Facial Expression Filler: known as ''daily natural botox fix''. I must admit this ''botox'' thing seemed a bit repulsive, since I'm not thinking about the aging as 99% of the world is. But that's just me. This cream has a bit different smell (green-ish) and I am still not sure what to think about it. I might pass this one to my mom or mother in law :) The tube contains 15ml and this is full sized product which costs 22£.

6. This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray: made for all insomniacs and night birds who can't catch few good hours of sleep. Sleeping disorder is something we don't talk about much, but it's our reality and kind of modern disease. This spray contains lavender and the only thing you need to do is shake it well and spray it on your pillow/ in your bedroom. It'll faint you for some time :)
Tried this- loved it. But you must know that me and lavender are in special relationship :)
The container consists 5 ml (regular price for 75ml is 25£)


I loved this box!
Honestly, in the beginning I was a bit worried this would be some kind of ''box full of testers'', but every single product contains pretty decent amount, enough to figure weather I like the product or not. It makes some of my decisions of buying the full size much easier. The price of beauty box was 15£, and price sum of full sized products from the box is 150,49£.
 So- all in all- I loved this box and can't wait for the December's one, because I'm hoping there will be some Christmas surprises and maybe some make up product(s), fingers crossed. Who knows.
In any case, I am ordering it.
So if you are interested and want to purchase this lovely box for yourself, stay tuned and visit Lookfantastic site, since the announcement about December's beauty box is expected in the middle of this month :) I'm following the logic from October's one :)

Did you ever order beauty box and what are your impressions about this concept?
How did you like this one?
If you want me to review any of these products, please write which one in the comments section below. 
P.S. I was about to record the video, but you were lucky :) Think I'm getting a flu :D

Stay gorgeous and lovely and beautiful and healthy!



  1. Super su ti slike kutije, bas si se potrudila i svaka cast na tome :) meni je isto kao i tebi KMS sprej super! Stvarno ubrza susenje kose i bas bi ga htjela u punoj velicini. Ovaj pillow sprej mi je isto bio ok, jer isto volim lavandu haha, ali ne znam da li je on pomogao ili sam ja bila umorna jednostavno :D super kutija u svakom slucaju :)

    1. Hvala, danas sam je fotkala :) Drvce je pomoglo puno.
      KMS je odličan sprej, baš sam se iznenadila. Inače sama ne bih nikada detaljnije pogledala proizvod tog tipa.
      Pillow sprej me je onesvestio jedno veče, ali moram priznati da sam bila umorna haha :D Pa delimo ovu dilemu :)
      Drago mi je da se i tebi dopada, čekam sad tvoj post :)

  2. Ovo je kao stvoreno za mene! :D Bas sam se pitala ima li takav sajt da salje u HR jer sam cula za jedan Americki koji radi na istom principu ali je u pitanju odjeca i ne salju u Hr. Jedva cekam naruciti svoj paketic :D

    1. O, da :) šalju u Hrvatsku. Obavezno pogledaj i prati kad postave objavu za novu beauty box :)
      Srećno s narudžbom!

  3. Super su proizvodi u kutijici :) a i fotke su odlicne :)

  4. Mislim da ću novu naručiti tj. kad bude za prosinac! :) Dosad sam uspješno ignorirala pomamu, ali kvragu... :D

    1. :D Haha znači odlučila si! Super, sigurna sam da nam spremaju nešto lepo za decembar :)

  5. Imam ju i najdraži su mi L'oreal proizvodi za kosu :D KMS sprej mi je totalna katastrofa. Umjesto da mi skrati sušenje, on mi je produžio sušenje kose za pet minuta. Onda sam ga proslijedila sestri koja je zamračila jer joj kosa nakon njega nije mekana ko inače nego ko slama. Također planiram naručiti kutiju za 12. mjesec :D Fotografije su ti predivne :)

    1. Eto, valjda sve ovisi o tipu kose, kvalitetu dlake. Nisam pametna :)
      Meni je napravio lagano omekšavanje i zaista osetno skratio sušenje.
      A imam kose za dvoje :)
      Žao mi je što vam ne odgovara.
      Hvala na komplimentu, to moja nova makina radi mala remek dela :D

  6. Meni je super što je Lookfantastic odlučio kreirati beauty box i slati ga worldwide jer smo poprilično ograničeni s naručivanjem takvih kutija. Ili su preskupe, ili je shipping preskup, ili ne šalju k nama ili je jednostavno shitty sadržaj :D . Naručila sam si BB za sljedeći mjesec, nadam se da će sadržaj biti barem upola dobar kao kod tvoje kutije :D

    1. Slažem se. Uglavnom takve ideje na kraju završe kao kutija puna testera proizvoda koje niko ne kupuje :D
      Ovo je sasvim drugačija priča i za 15 funti se isplati.
      Pogotovo što se dobije i jedan full size proizvod.
      I ja sam naručila i držim nam fige za Morrocanoil proizvode :)

  7. Looks great, love! Looking forward to seeing what you get in December! xo Kendra

    1. So happy you liked it! :)
      I am looking forward too :) Thank you for the lovely comment, XO <3

  8. I dok ja procitah - rasprodata! ��

    1. Anči, eto povoda da svratiš češće na ove stranice :) Početkom meseca objavila sam kako je kutija za decembar rasprodata :)


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