2 September 2013

Hello September! New in.

New month. New shopping adventures.
Let's check out what ended in my shopping cart :)

Main focus this month will be on hair and hair products. September is traditionally the month when I'm visiting hairdresser, dedicating a lot more time and money to revive something where the Summer left it's mark.
From last Summer to the beginning of 2013. I was blonde. My hair was exposed to permanent pigment removal- bleaching. Process of hair lightening was 2 weeks long and, no matter how happy and satisfied I was, damage was there. Not visible, because I was doing my best to keep it healthy. In February this year I figured how much I miss natural hair color, so decision was made- let's go back to brunette! After months, now I'm closest to the natural hair color, but my hair is so dry, damaged and sometimes very rebellious :) and uncontrollable!

I found some good bargain in local DM store. Since I'm very pleased how Balea shampoos effect my hair, I just had to buy both, shampoo and conditioner from Repair line.
As addition there is Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair mask with liquid keratin.
Following the recommendation of colleague blogger (follow her blog here, there are plenty reviews of hair products that can make your life easier and your hair more obedient) :), I bought L'oreal elvital spray for color protection, but what I noticed was that hair ends finally don't look electrified or dead! Thank you <3

This Fall my face will react on temperature changes. On the photo above you can see my supplies :) There is Nivea's Aqua sensation cream wash for dry and sensitive skin (yeah, mine isn't dry, but I love that feeling on face after using it). This cream thoroughly and gently cleanses the skin, purifies the pores, maintains natural moisture balance of the skin. The result is a refreshed and soft skin and sleek complexion.
There is my Holy grail, savior and ally :) Bioderma sebium pore refiner- great product which helps me go through the day without oily, shiny T-zone.
Silverex soap- something new I wanted to try long time ago. This is the second one I'm using. Soap bar lasts very long (about 8 months, I was using it twice a week). It's very helpful with cleaning the pores and helps with blemishes and blackheads because it contains silver nano particles that target germs and revitalize skin cells. It is suitable for any skin type (even for people with very dry skin, but I'd be cautious).
Hiding behind the soap is Balea Vaseline- I'm using it only when it's cold as hands skin protection, also as a lip balm and around eyes before sleep because after figuring this out I'm no longer having troubles with dark circles, fine wrinkles. So I'd warmly recommend it to everyone. It's cheap and lasts long time.
HIPP Gesichst creme :)- This one is going to have it's own review. Advise: You all have this in the local pharmacies or drugstores. Go outside and buy it. Immediately!!!

Body care- this is just something I picked by the way. 

La Roche- Posay eau thermale or thermal spring water saved me this Summer, especially after waxing or shaving (depends which method was faster :D). It has as a calming effect on irritated skin, soothe redness and gives you pleasant feeling on the skin.
Balea shower creme with cocos and nectarine- smells beautiful. 
Balea Venedig shaving foam- with aloe vera and fig fragrance. Cool, pinkish foam with sweet scent.
BioBaza natural- neutral, moisturizing cream with broad application (face and body care). It's pretty good and I'm using it on daily basis. This cream is produced in Croatia and price is very budget friendly (only 2€).

Nivea stress protect deodorant- excellent product I used all Summer long. Working in huge space, surrounded with 50-60 people, running around, and all that for about 8-10 hours isn't easy or pleasant on temperature over 40+ degrees. This deodorant was very helpful. But since it's full of aluminium oxide which is easily absorbed through the skin, I'll stop using it after this one bottle ( shower is a MUST after work, but not in scenario where I come home, have lunch, walk the dog and then, but immediate shower in the moment I come in the house!) Check out the review on Mrs Fox's blog :)

Have you notice there are no make up products?
:) Yet!
I am patiently waiting for Fall collections to come out and then I can say bye- bye to the bank account -.-'
Sweet torture.
But seriously now, promised myself I won't buy any more foundations or blushers (God, help me), or lipstick/gloss. Nothing more than mascara, eyeliner or something that I really, seriously, deeply, truly need.
Or less ;)

Next post will be about all the empties in August, so stay tuned!

And song for new beginnings :)
Happy Monday <3

What did you buy these days? 



  1. Svasta nesto lepo:) Ja obozavam babykozmetiku i bas sam trazila u DM-u Hipp kremice ali nisam nasla:/ Pogledacu dal mozda ima po apotekama.:)

    1. Hvala :) Ova kremica je potpuno otkrovenje. Pišem recenziju uskoro. Prefina je, predivna i ne mogu se zamisliti da koristim neku drugu <3


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