3 September 2013

August Empties!

As I promised earlier, this post will be about products with emptied containers... in August.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur- hair repair spray for very damaged and dry hair. Contains HQ ingredients as keratin and oil elixir. I used it after washing hair and drying it with a towel, before blow drying. It leaves hair so smooth and glossy. Smells very nice, like chocolate mixed with vanilla. The spray comes in a bottle, it's two-phased and contains 200ml of product. I bought it 3 months ago.
L'oreal elvital 
Öl Magique for colored hair- pretty good product I was using mostly this Summer. It comes in two variants: one for all hair types, and another for colored hair. This product contains a blend of 6 flower extracts with nourishing properties. All you need is two to three pumps (my hair is long and mane :)) spread on the palms and applied on the hair. You can use it before shampooing for color protection, or after washing on wet hair, or on dry hair- it's up to you. Contains UV filter and doesn't besmear the hair. I really liked this one and will buy it again.


Balea Mint and Green tea body lotion- cooling little fella :D It's from a LE and I grabbed it  after looooong, hot day hoping it'll do what it says on the label. And it worked! This lotion has such a pleasant cooling effect on the skin, without causing any irritations. The smell is very nice, minty, but not too strong. It doesn't last long, though. Will I buy it again? Doubt it. Because it's long sold out since it's part of Limited Edition.
Balea Himbeere body mousse- or raspberry mousse. Also part of LE, but you can still find it in DM stores. Very light body lotion that comes in the pretty sweet jar <3 Smells heavenly and that smell lasts very long on the skin. Many people have asked me about it, they thought it's a perfume. The smell is more refreshing and lasts longer when it's cooler outside. It's more for the surface hydration, so don't expect it'll nourish the skin deeply. But it's pretty cool product, so you and I should buy it. Again.


Balea Cell energy serum- great product! I bought it after a friend recommended as a light Summer solution. And it really does it's job. Hydrates, nourishes and smoothes the skin giving it a natural, healthy glow. I'll definitely buy another bottle, but after my skin gets some rest ( I usually change face creams and serums in every 2-3 months, because skin have this tendency of saturation if I'm using the same product over and over again. And that is pointless, because in that case cream/serum only ''sits'' there, doing nothing).
LRP Effeclar Duo- does what it says. Lasts very long (I was using this tube for about 4 months). Will I buy it again? Maybe... 


Versace Crystal Noir- finally empty! But I'll miss this one... there is real chance I'll buy it again this Fall/Winter if not Manifesto (YSL). But Manifesto is on the top of the wishlist :)
But I'm saving the bottle. Hamster style.

Talking about rodents, mine are sending you greetings from the mansion :D


So tell me, which products did you hit the bottom these days?

Have a lovely day!


  1. Ja ne vidim dalje od ovih preslatkih životinjica <3

  2. :) Najsavremeniji alarm sistem! Pište i skviče na svaki pokret :) Održavaju se semenkama, salatom, voćem a katkad i tepihom :D

  3. Guinea pig siesta...LOL :) preslatki su!

  4. Crni kristal uvek koristim zimi i cim ga osetim asocira me na zimu... Obozavam ga :) A prasici su preslatki <3

  5. Da, prekrasan je :)
    Hvala od prasića :D <3

  6. ovaj balea od maline mi je bio prepredivan :) cakani ljubimci :)

  7. Pri kraju sam sa super after sun maslacem od Avona, bio je fenomenalan!!! Inače sam lijena za to mackanje nakon tuširanja, mažem se dok mi se da, dok mi ne dosadi, ali ovaj maslac sam mazala i mazala i mazala... Miris mu je odličan, blaga mješavina kokosa i shea maslaca, uhhh :-) Na moru je poslužio i za spašavanje kože mog dragog koji je bijel kao sir i lako gori, hihihi, rekao je da mu je super, da godi za opećenu kožu!
    Još jedna stvarčica s kojom sam pri kraju je, odličan dezić od Dovea, Go Fresh šipak i limunska trava, miris mu je fantastičan i dugo se osjeti na koži.
    I za kraj, još malo Avona, upravo sam potrošila bočicu onog seruma za kosu sa arganovim uljem, kako stalno izvlačim pramenove, kosi mi je potrebna hrana, a ovo arganovo ulje je super, ponekad sam ga znala stavljati umjesto regeneratora...
    P.S. Životinjice su ti baš slatke! :-)


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