24 August 2013

Shrek is in the house!

We are all familiar with the health and beauty benefits that green clay provides us.
But let us remind of some of them:

  • detoxification and cleansing (skin conditions; acne, eczema, rashes, also skin rejuvenation and deep cleansing)
  • menstrual cramps and morning sickness 
  • rapid healing of injuries 
  • protection from radiation treatment, or after exposure to radiation
  • help in the treatment for patients with cancer
I'll hold up to the first one on the list above.
Today I purchased French Green clay in a local pharmacy after days and days spent in reading about its benefits.
The one I bought was produced by French Laboratoire Cattier in Paris and the original name of this package is Argile Verte Ultra Ventilee <20 microns
So if you understand French, read the description of the product :)
I got mine in English.

French green clay, also known as sea clay, is a highly absorbent mineral-rich clay. It is made up of decomposed plant matter, iron oxides (which provides its natural green color), and several healing minerals including magnesium, potassium, silica, calcium, selenium, aluminum, titanium, sodium and phosphorus.
Since it was the first time of me using this little miracle, I was very careful with preparing the mask.
It is important to follow the instructions, because you can't mix it with whatever you want, in whatever you have. So the ''manual'' was saying this:

  • Always use wooden or plastic utensils when mixing or applying green clay – metal utensils may react negatively with the product.
  • Use French green clay sparingly at first (once or twice a week), until you know how your skin responds.
  • French green clay can help relive insect bites and stings – combine the clay with spring water to make a paste and apply to the affected area.
  • Try adding a small amount of French green clay to your bath to soothe eczema, or sunburned skin.

So, let me show you the process in pictures (photos are taken by the phone, so I apologize if they aren't clear enough).
I decided to prepare the mask with green clay mixed with jojoba oil and chamomile tea. The exact recipe goes like this:
Mask is made in a glass or ceramic bowl; mix two tablespoons of green clay with a teaspoon of jojoba oil, then gradually add lukewarm chamomile tea. Blend with a wooden spoon until it becomes a homogeneous paste. Keep the mask on your face for at least 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.
the ingredients ready to mix in the bowl :)
back of the box with basic instructions
inside the box- this is how green clay looks like :)
First step- pouring a teaspoon of jojoba oil into clean, ceramic bowl
Then adding two tablespoons of green clay into jojoba oil (I was using plastic tablespoon)
Chamomile tea- this time I used tea bags, two of them, just to amplify the presence of chamomile in this story :)
And voila! Here it is, green miracle, Shrek-mask for mixed skin with oily T-zone and normal cheeks!
So, I applied it all over my face with flat brush, avoiding the area around eyes or lips. First I felt straining and shortly after that gentle tingling which intensified as time passed. It's nothing scary, or unbearable, it just reminds me of the pricking with acupuncture needles :)
The mask started to dry and turned into powdered green thing :) After 15 minutes I washed it with hot water, without using any cleansing product. Hot water was enough to slide it off.
First thing I felt was such a refreshment on the skin! Like all the pores were unplugged and my skin was finally breathing! It was also very obvious with disappearance of small blackheads around the nose that I hate so much, but can't get rid of them. They were gone. And, I was checking just about few moments ago, they are still gone :)

Conclusion: This is another great example how mother Nature affects us all and how the best skin treatments do not necessarily come from highly expensive beauty salons or drugstores. I was lazy, but third decade of my life is knocking on the back door :) so I promised  myself that things need to change! So no more reckless buying of whatever goes under the hand, because the health is the most important and most expensive thing in life and in the end- no one is going to tell you how dangerous synthetic chemicals are or what is their long-term impact.
In the end, I highly recommend green clay to anyone who wants quality and long-term visible care.

Tell me, have you tried it yet? Do you have some recipes to share?




  1. Obozavam zelenu glinu. Nikako da kupim ulje jojobe, a toliko dugo mi je na spisku.. Uvek je nesto prece. Ja samu glinu stavljam na lice. Evo, danas sam je drzala par sati na licu, i ostalo mi je jos vrlo malo i vec sam u frci, da je kupim na vreme, da ne ostanem bez nje. :)

    1. Zašto da ne! Sama, ili u kombinaciji s mlekom, bilo kojim hladno ceđenim uljem (prodavnice zdrave hrane God bless you :) )... kombinacija je pregršt. Evo, ja sam je kupila baš juče prvi put i prezadovoljna sam.
      A što se ulja jojobe tiče dugo sam ga gledala, razmišljala da ili ne, napokon sam presekla i kupila ga. I ne žalim :)
      Stvarno je odlično. Često ga kombinujem s maslinovim uljem kao pakovanje za kosu onda kada ne žurim s pranjem. I zadovoljna sam.
      Ulje sam kupila u Muller drogeriji u Osijeku, staviću i link, možda ti se nešto dopadne :) http://www.mueller.hr/pocetna-stranica.html

  2. U Srbiji zivim, a ne posecujem Hrvatsku (za sada, iako imam u planu). Ima ga u prodavnici zdrave hrane, ovde kod mene. Vec sam ga davno koristila, ali moram opet. Dobro je za masnu kozu, kakvu imam a i za kosu, svakako

    1. Slažem se u potpunosti. Eto, kad odlučiš navratiti u Hr, ti se javi. Imaš društvo za shopping, kafućino i razmenu ideja poput one s lastišom iz bokserica hahaha :D


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