26 August 2013

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation review

Hello Monday people :)
How are you today?

Stormy morning here in Croatia made me stay in the house, eating muffins, grapes, then more muffins... feeling guilty :(

So the afternoon is reserved for jumping around with Jillian Michaels :D

Few days ago I bought Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation guided by positive experiences and reviews of women around the world.
I chose the shade Beige 55 to match the undertone of my skin which is light with pink undertones.

This foundation is designed to simultaneously help with protect against the ageing effects of the sun, keeping skin moisturized.

Quoting product description:

The secret to the foundation’s innovation is in the well-blended, ‘elixir’ formula, which helps to:
1. Deliver instant medium to high coverage – through Ageless Elixir's specially treated pigments that reflect light.
2. Improve skin tone by protecting and hydrating via the moisturising skincare formula.
I have to say this foundation is pretty decent. Actually, pretty great!
It feels very light on the skin, doesn't dry it at all. Another advantage of this foundation is that it can easily cover up imperfections without it looking cakey and also you can build it up to get a varied amount of coverage depending on your preference!
 I found the coverage is excellent (medium to full coverage if your skin isn't problematic (acne-prone, blemishes, blackheads or some other problems will stay visible under this foundation)) and the serum definitely helps my skin. This foundation is very easy to blend, doesn't dry quickly, so you can work on the coverage.
My skin is combination of normal cheeks and area around the eyes, with oily areas on the forehead and around nose- slightly oily T-zone :)
I don't have very visible or dark circles around the eyes or any other problems mentioned above, so can't say anything about covering scars, pimples or very dark circles around the eyes, but people who have problems with this know that the concealer is a MUST!
This foundation comes in a plastic bottle with pump, so you can easily dispense the amount that you need. The bottle is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere. 
I found it comes in 6 shades (40 Light Ivory, 45 Warm Almond, 50 Natural, 55 Beige, 75 Golden and 80 Bronze).
This is how it looks blended on the skin.
Conclusion: Very light, yet- very good coverage. It's excellent in covering fine lines and gives a soft, dewy finish that doesn't look greasy or too shiny after few hours. Built in serum and SPF 15 help you protect your skin daily. It's moisturizing and you don't necessarily need primer under. Also, lasts for about 5-6 hours on my combination skin without any powdering :)
It is designed for mature skin, but I'm highly recommending it to all the girls who are looking for a great foundation!

P.S. It smells heavenly :) <3
Have a great week!



  1. I have it, and my mom does. It has a beautiful finish, not too matte, and not too dewy, and that's perfect balance for me. Love IT, and your post! ♥

    1. :) Hvala ti puno na divnim rečima <3
      Zaista je sjajan puder. Mislila sam kako će se topiti s lica u ovim toplim danima, ali me je vrlo prijatno iznenadio.


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