30 August 2013

Holy Fail!

Dear ladies :)
I believe that many of you started using eye shadow base as a part of your daily makeup routine for some time, now.

I’ve been reading reviews and comments on blogs and forums about it and decided to try out this type of product for myself.
It's not that I needed eye shadow base to hold it all longer in a place, because I have no problems with eye lids (to put things into perspective- my lids are not too greasy, or too dry... think they are just okay, normal, so I never really had a problem with persistence of the eye shadow).

Since budget friendly Catrice was launching new collection this Spring, I decided to give it a go and try Prime and Fine eye shadow base.

This base comes in a jar and contains 4 ml/0,13 fl.oz of product.The package looks really nice and reminds me of a bit bigger one of  Catrice Prime and Fine smoothing refiner for invisible pores and lines :) which I liked so, so much! (2 empty jars so far! yay!)

Consistency of this base is a bit thick-er... It's pretty hard to get out of the jar. It left me a bit confused because I could never estimate the amount of product enough for both eyelids. Also, it was very hard to blend it... sometimes, while applying it on the skin, I could see clearly small lumps all over the lids, falling on my cheeks... and I checked the expiration date before buying it. It was all good (till September of 2014.)
This is how it looks like when you open the jar:

And swatch on my skin can show it's thickness.

I'll try to show you the difference when applying shadow alone, and using this base:

Equipment: base and random shadow palette

So here it is! I don't know if you can notice any difference between left and right part. I haven't. Maybe lighter shades got a bit more luminous, but it definitely didn't last any longer than usual. 

Shame. I thought it would be pretty awesome according to many reviews and comments, but it's just not.
Hard to blend, and by time, eventually all the eye shadow pigments collect in the folds of the eyelids and then it all looks messy and sloppy.

Think I'll just leave it for some time and maybe give it a try once again, some day :)
Catrice produces and develops quite good products who may be at par with prestigious cosmetic houses.
I love many of their products, just not this one.

Tell me, have you tried this base? Maybe you had more luck with it? :)




  1. Awk shame you didnt really like this! I hate when you buy something and it doesnt live up to its name!

    Lorraine x

  2. Exactly. But this was a risk that, at the end, didn't pay off :) which happens. I love Catrice. They have full range of amazing, quality products (my favorite is above mentioned- Prime and Fine smoothing refiner which is a MUST in my cosmetic bag. Perfect base that can stand side by side with some high end brands).

  3. I do not honestly use primers that much. I will in the future but for now... It's not a fail! I mostly use my mousse foundation in a lighter shade on my eyelids because its creamy formula provides moisture and connection between it and the shadows, yet it's texture gives a matte finish and fixes (holds) make up, and provide good blending ability. Try it out!

    1. Problem with this primer is that it's both- creamy and dry, creating lumps, accumulating in the folds of the eyelids... I replaced it with a liquid primer :) Problem solved.
      You are way too young to burden the skin with yet unnecessary beauty products. Solution with lighter shade of foundation- thumbs up! Sometimes the most simple is the best ;)


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